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Where the name says it all. As budget and time matters


Try to drag the right side of this browser window to the left. This is what responsive is. Want your website or web app look this good across all devices? We can help you to build a responsive frontend or create a native iOS, Android and Windows Phone app.


This website is hosted in the cloud. Clouds are not a cure-all for your hosting ills. But our experience shows that sometimes using AWS or Rackspace together with the right CDN can make your web apps much faster and your IT-costs much lower.


Becoming Zuck is a dream for many. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not doing that for our clients. But very often social media integrations can be a very strong marketing move for an online business. We know Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin APIs back to front.


Remember Geocities? Remember MySpace? Poor usability is what killed them. Using Basecamp or Mailchimp or Freshbooks? Great usability is what makes those apps stand out in long term. Our UX engineers hold top diplomas and do an awesome job.


Well, we’re a startup too. We know what bootstrapping is, what seed investments are and how to get past the valley of death. We can help you no matter at what stage you are – with our help you will meet your business goals faster. Because we know.


You can ask and we will help with Ruby on Rails, Java, C++ and .NET (primarily for fintech apps). If you need and electronic trading app, we can connect it to FIX Protocol or proprietary APIs.

Remember, every project is unique – whether you want to use a specific programming language or database, or we consider that the result can be best achieved with specific technology – we will offer you alternatives and explain.


We work with small and medium enterprises on: fixed price projects, time and materials projects, as well as offer offshore development centers (ODC’s).

We strive to satisfy each and every customer and therefore we’re ready to discuss terms in every single case.


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Latest Work

We create custom software for small and medium companies and startups in industries including but not limited to financial services, accounting, banking, geographic information systems. << >>

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