What is MusterPoint

MusterPoint is the social media management tool for emergency services, public sector and government, actively used in the UK. Functionality of MusterPoint includes:

  • Twitter & Facebook management
  • Integrated media enquiry management
  • Full audit & accountability
  • Multi-agency and stakeholder collaboration
  • Scalability and resilience

On Budget and Time was approached by CEO and founder of MuserPoint to help with the development and expansion of the platform. With enterprise Java at the core and MongoDB serving as the main database for storing social media posts data, MusterPoint was and remains a very interesting product from the scalability and multi-tenancy point of view.

In some two years, we’ve built an enormous amount of new functionality, achieved high availability while strictly following the requirements for software tools, used by government organisations and public sector in the UK.

Twitter and Facebook

Understandably major social media channels used by MuserPoint’s clients are Facebook and Twitter. With either of those constantly changing and updating their publicly available APIs, we’re to follow them and tweak (or sometimes rebuild from scratch) all bits of features facing clients.

This is a very challenging, yet exciting thing to take care of.