Ethical Investing

With the growth of ethical investing, more and more online brokers are trying to extend their offering to a client with SRI-style products and concepts.

This led us to an idea of a kosher investing product, which would act as a trading front-end, filtering non-kosher stocks (now working with US markets) and providing access to insights on the ethics of trading securities based on the market data.

Kosher Investing

With ShomerTrade you can invest according to Halacha (set of laws and precepts of Judaism, regulating religious, family and social life of the religious Jews) by utilising kosher investment principles that were carefully extracted, evaluated and certified by leading rabbinates of Chabad.

With ShomerTrade you can invest in securities minimising a great risk of violation of commandments and losing investment. It allows not only to restricts to trade securities on Saturday (Shabbat) and high holidays (Yom Tov), but also confirm the restrictions of trading shares of kosher and non-kosher companies.

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