Having worked for larger software companies for a decade, back in 2012 we bootstrapped and started 💸On Budget and ⌛️Time to solve problems of unexpected delays and unexpected expenses in software development projects.

We saw many projects fail because of poor management, communication gaps, goals misalignment, and we knew how to fix that.

Now we help companies create new products or solve problems with existing ones while setting up proper budgets in advance, helping define time-to-market, and putting our experience to work.

We work with both startups and corporates on new projects – from concepts and wireframes to hundreds of thousands of customers.

We bring with us our ever-growing experience in 💰financial technology, ✈️online travel, and 📱mobile app development.

When it comes to fintech, we are member of FIX protocol, can build fully-fledged investment or trading solutions, and have experience transforming digital ledgers to blockchain.

We know how to build and change products, bring them to revenue generation, and how to satisfy our client’s customers.

We follow a tailored process, which suits client best, and can work on either fixed-price projects, or time and materials in case of longer engagements.

We also 🖊blog about software, and technology in general.

Get in touch and 📞let’s talk!