Using dockerizing in a modern CI/CD setup

In the modern world of software development, using dockerizing in CI/CD became vital. Even a mid-size project uses most of the benefits of containers in their development cycles. With some time spent on the initial setup, this economises the successive efforts in building, testing and deployment of the newly developed code.

However, at the beginning of the project, you have to start with the very basics by defining the infrastructure itself. For that, using infrastructure managing tools became a good manner.

Let’s take a sneak peek at some perks of the most popular nowadays tool for managing infrastructure – Terraform, which supplies you with:

  • Ability to describe your setup by writing infrastructure as a code (IaC) by defining the declarative configuration files;
  • Excessive variety of the 3rd party modules to support your specific infrastructure;
  • Capacity to hold the current state of the infrastructure and to apply incremental changes to it;
  • Predefined support of major cloud and service providers.

Fair to mention that being an open-source tool, it does not cost you a dime, however, having an experienced Dev Ops is crucial for creating a secure and reliable setup.

Do let us know should you need any assistance with your environment.