External team risks – how to deal with them?

Let’s imagine the fears that any company face when using some 🚀external workforce. Apart from risks that can be easily solved, like transparency, remote control, quality and IP, the most important is the one concerning the people themselves. Developers, testers, managers are getting so deep into the subject domain and tech specifics of your legacy or newly created solution that becomes a vital asset.

So, how to deal with the fact that those guys are not in your team and leverage the risk of losing them?

Actually, there is an answer to this – you can transfer or hire the guys to become a part of your team through so-called build-operate-transfer or BOT. For sure this can become not a 💰cheap exercise, will require legal paperwork and not every person may decide to do this move. However, this may certainly do its job and leverage the risks for you.

Every development company will definitely not be happy to ‘give out’ the staff, but since this will be happening after a couple of successful years and with reasonable compensation, then why not?!