IB Gateway API – Writing algo in a different way

We were implementing a basket trading application with execution through Interactive Brokers Gateway API. Among major features, we had to implement a recuperation of current cash balances and specifying security type for correct symbol matching.

Trying to implement the algo logic, we suddenly stuck into the situation when the implementation was not that obvious from the coding point of view. Tried to debug or look into the logs – did not help a lot.

So, we decided to do the same using IB Trader Workstation: put an order, close it, get symbol info, etc. And that helped, really, that’s it – this simple and, someone would call, obvious path helped to implement the required logic easily.

Thus, guys, once you’re stuck with digging into the algo details and API abilities – simply run the legacy platform app and see what’s happening there or ask your Client to do so. Don’t waste your time and keep coding!

Note that you’d have to read API Reference Manual anyway. It’s an easier reading once you tried IB Trader Workstation itself.