OB&T expands in EU with Drebbel

On Budget and Time is pleased to announce a strategic sales partnership with Drebbel, a technology broker, that supports and represents global advanced technology enterprises towards their European prospects and clients and vice versa. Drebbel acts as a human gateway between technology providers and technology users by taking commercial ownership towards the Provider as well as the User.

With the help of Drebbel, OB&T is keen to expand in Nordic countries and mainland Europe to deliver quality services for financial services and financial technology companies there.

“I’m more than sure that our cooperation has great future”, said Gregory Prays, CEO and Co-Founder of OB&T.

About On Budget and Time
On Budget and Time is a software firm, which listens to clients and shares knowledge. OB&T delivers business critical products in the shortest time-to-market and with the highest attention to detail. OB&T is avid for sophisticated financial services technology and is a member of FIX Protocol.

About Drebbel
Drebbel is a technology broker that enables the exchange of technology between European countries by helping technology companies in developing their business across Europe. Today Drebbel has evolved from sales and business consultancy to technology brokerage in an ambition to become an international provider of technology brokerage services representing global players in the European technology marketplace.