November is Movember

You may have noticed a slight change at the top of every page – a moustache instead of an ampersand in our logo.

One of us here at On Budget and Time wears a moustache sometimes. But second November in a row this is a special occasion. Arseniy cut his beard and touches and will start growing a new moustache whole November to raise awareness and raise money for a good deal – men’s health.

Movember is a fun and accountable way to raise money for men’s health.

A lot of teams throughout the world are working together every November and sharing knowledge to accelerate the realisation of shared goals. And, most importantly, this is all a change agent – Movember stands for constructive change, challenging the norm in all activities and as a result, driving significant outcomes from the conversations created and funds raised.

Drop by Arseniy’s Mo profile and donate for the good!