OB&T at France Trading Briefing 2019

The 3rd time Paris hosted a regular FIX Trading Briefing in its business hub La Défense. As in 2017 and 2018, OB&T attended this great event.

It was exciting to hear from ESMA representative her view on a current process with MiFID and the nearest future that may take place after edition II.

During the AI panel, the real need of ready-to-use tools was discussed. You do not need to learn the programming language like Python to get the result now. By using chatbots you are getting the prediction and can interact your trading routines.

The ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance) is a fresh wave of SRI that is currently getting its trend. OB&T got a solid experience in building SRI trading solution so do not hesitate to ask for the info.

A recap of france trading briefing 2019 is below: