OB&T at International Blockchain Forum 2021

On September 3, an International Blockchain Forum 2021 took place in Cheboksary, the capital city of Chuvashia, Russia located on a beautiful Volga river.

Speakers from Dubai, UK and Russia discussed the rapidly growing crypto banking, cryptocurrency regulations, external audit specifics as well as market making aspects. Panellists were keen about the scam factor in the industry and shared their opinions on new crypto-instruments and trends in which to invest.

Our CEO Gregory held an ESG presentation explaining the environmental aspects of blockchain and crypto processing, showcasing successful eco-friendly implementations around the world. Stream followed by a short panel discussion, where participants argued about the 🌱“green” factors of using gas energy for ⛏mining.

Event was highly supported by local authorities and followed by massive networking where attendees were able to address their questions to speakers directly.