Pandemic software world – now and then

With all 😷restrictions going on with the 🦠coronavirus pandemic, the world has changed its working habits and routines. As a result, lots of workers were set home and/or limited their office presence. The same moment, several remote services started to boom (remember Zoom, Teladoc) as well as many environmental tools took its place in our everyday routines.

But what about 🖥IT? Has anything changed for it?

Needless to say that creating software has become mostly a remote process. Majority of solutions can be developed, shipped and delivered distantly. IT firms use different communication channels and work tools to be able to perform and deliver from anywhere.

Thus moving to work from home was an easy exercise just a matter of establishing a secure connection to some environments and that’s it. All because IT is already a well structured and organised segment with well-defined processes.

Moreover, lots of developers, designers, admins and other computer professionals work remotely through their entire life.

So with the world coming back to normality and even if the ⛱remote working habit will remain, IT continues to be an effective and stable segment of the economy. We will continue using the great environment and be top ready for any possible collision serving you in our best.