Programmers in the house

All software shops hire, host and develop programmers in-house. Lots of pros on one hand as well as lots of pain on the other. Great in control and expectations, troubles in everything around that – motivation, stimulation, attrition and much more stuff that scares every HR department to death. Even if they say they love it.

Why no one outsources, one can exclaim. I feel what frightens most is the fear of losing control. Can a software company succeed by employing third-party programmers that not even around the corner?

Let us forget about all that for a moment and imagine an ideal software team. Such team should have – a brilliant developer who loves solving complex problems, a remarkable designer with modern and unique vision, a careful QA that can test the hell out your software, a strict manager who will be controlling the project budget better than his own spendings, a fantastic mobile developer who can code this all pretty thing for iPhones 6 and 6 Plus and, for sure, an unlimited budget for bringing all their great ideas to life.

Can you hire all those guys where you are so that it doesn’t cost you a fortune? I wish you luck with that.

So, what to do if you need a great team to serve your needs?

Actually, we face the same challenges. We had to be transcendent and reasonable in many cases: price, quality and time. And we feel we solved it. Guess how?! Same old good outstaffing that allows us to gather the best resources under one umbrella.

Even though we still hire programmers, we keeping the course of maximising the distribution of remote resources because with the use of technology and tools we can exceed our clients’ expectations on budget and time.