Brian – thanks and have fun!

We’re sad and also envious a little – Brian Robertson, our friend and the man, without whom OB&T wouldn’t have existed, has decided to stay in Wellington, NZ and pursue a happy life of a retired father and boat owner.

When I first met Brian a decade ago I was astonished by his intelligence, his knowledge and even more with his energy. He is definitely the person I will address any question dealing with software company lifecycle. And I am positive he will have the answer. Brian, thanks for your patience with myself and thanks for all the experience I gained working for you and then with you. Keep a bottle of your best Chardonnay for me on the boat – cannot wait to share it!

Arseniy introduced Brian to me in 2011. We were hanging in a bar in St.Petersburg, Russia and spent five hours talking about how software business changes the world and how the world changes software business. Brian is the person who argues every single decision and has his own point for every single thing we’re doing in the company. Brian, thanks a lot for your time and your effort. Fair seas and a following wind!